To know all about the resort you will spend your holidays in  is not a luxury. Unlike all you can expect there.

We bring you joy from holiday.

We are well familiar with all the resorts and place we offer. They were all visited by us or by our friends. We experienced their atmosphere and chose the places we loved the most.

In addition to extraordinary resorts we also got to know the people who make those places extraordinary. We are in contact with them all the time. They are very accommodating to whatever we ask them - just as good friends are. Because of this we can modify our offer to your requirements.
And the last but not least, we are strongly supporting sustainable travelling.

Great countries, beautiful nature and friendly people.

Why choose us

 Closer to nature
We are interested in supporting sustainable tourism. So we are choosing resorts untouched by tourist crowds that fully respect the environment and the culture of the local community. Thanks to this fact, this places will give you so needed slow down.

 Further away from civilization
The world still hides many beautiful and lesser known places. Instead of mass market tourism we bring you remote resorts that may become a peaceful refuge for your body and your soul. But the same resorts will offer enough fun for whole family.

 Directly with you
We always prefer personal approach so we are offering you a personal discussion about your individual expectations. All that in the relaxed atmosphere of our premises with a selection of fine teas.

High-end services
Thanks to personal experiences and relationships with several partners around the world, we can organize except chillout holidays also weddings in exotic countries, adventure holidays, company incentive trips with unique program.

Cooperation with unique partners
As we are trying to offer unique experiences, we have choosed very unique partners. All resorts in the offer are exceptional, but we are very proud to directly cooperate with Soneva Resorts and Six Senses Resorts & Spas, which are offering real slow down, relax and harmony with nature in all their eco-resorts. Also very memorable is holiday at Alila resorts, which we cooperate directly with. Their highend design sensitively set in the nature is like an object of art. And the last but not least, there is direct cooperation with several other resorts. So your holiday will be a beautiful escape from very fast and stressed life.

And if these products are not just
for you, there is always wide portfolio of  holidays from Austrian, German, but also Slovak
tour operators under the brand 
"EXPRESS by Dreams Travel",
where nearly everyone can find something.

Six Senses logo Alila

„It´s a pleasure for me to send people to the most beautiful places on Earth. Mostly because I know, what they can expect there.“

Rudolf Garan, General Manager

This is not just vacation.
This is a beautiful escape.


„Tell us about your dream vacation and we will help to make them come true. "Contact us