Ikies Traditional Houses Greece

Breathtaking views of Caldera

Stylish traditional houses located high above sea level,  private jacuzzi, romantic atmosphere and  delicate local wines.


Legends say the mythical land of Atlantis had been on Santorini Island long before the volcano eruption.

Whether you believe it or not, in these enchanting surroundings, it is easy to tune into your inner peace and relax. Traditional houses with their whitewashed roofs and their deep blue shutters together with the colorful sunsets above the Aegean Sea create an unforgettable atmosphere during your escape from civilisation or a honeymoon.

The resort at the edge of the picturesque Oia village offers more than just unique views of the Caldera and Kyklad Islands. If you rent a car, you can try out various activities including  water sports, horse riding on the beach or wine tasting in the local taverns. Watching the sunset in Santorini is an event in itself. Watch it from your private terrace or from a jacuzzi. Since there are only a few apartments within the resort, the service is very personal and it will definitely meet your contentment. There are many possibilities of relaxation near your villa. If you are in a mood for a little adventure, you may wish to explore the island or take a half-day boat trip to the volcano.

„The views from this resort are truly breathtaking.  And the accompanying silence. It is simply an oasis of deep relaxation and romance. “

Ikies Traditional Houses, Greece

This is not just vacation.
This is a beautiful escape.


price per person from 1790 € for 9 days/8 nights with breakfast

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The price is only provisional and includes: airline tickets, transfer, accommodation, meals as indicated.
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The artisan´s house superior studio
The gardener´s house studio
The boatman´s house superior studio
The sailor´s house maisonette
The cook´s house maisonette
The fisherman´s house maisonette
The winemaker´s house honeymoon suite
The collector´s house villa
The carpenter´s house honeymoon suire
The captain´s house superior suite
The antiquarian´s house superior suite