The Romanos, a luxury collection resort Greece

Kaleidoscope of colors and life

Compelling sea, golf course, stylish hotel architecture and magnificent beaches.


Thanks to its location in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese Peninsula, the region of Messinia is one of the first places in Europe where migratory birds return after the winter. These birds know very well why they wish to return here as quickly as possible. Situated in Costa Navarino complex, between olive groves in the Ionian Sea, the resort creates a tranquil environment  for meditation and enjoying life. In the  uniquely designed apartments you will experience a combination of luxury and hospitality.

If you like discovering unknown corners, you will come into your own in these stunning natural surroundings. It is possible to get a glimpse of the rare African chameleon in Gialova Lagoon or the bottlenose dolphins in the sea. Enjoy relaxing by your private pool or by participating in various sporting activities. You must definitely try out spa treatments based on ancient Greek practices. Those of you who love to shop will appreciate a number of shops, for example shops with bio souvenirs. And if your strongest desire it to loose yourself in a divine nature, do listen to your inner calling and go for a walk barefoot across sandy beaches. A walk, together with the views of the islands in the sea, will work as balm for your feet and your soul.

„Long sandy beach, quality accommodation, magnificent natural beauties and a wide range of entertainment including golf. An ideal combination for active people.“

The Romanos, Costa Navario, Greece

This is not just vacation.
This is a beautiful escape.


price per person from 1590 € for 8 days/7 nights with breakfast

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Costa Navarino

The people of Costa Navarino feel a strong moral duty to be socially responsible. All the resorts are in harmony with the environment and local communities. The local people are driven by  a genuine desire to promote the region of Messinia, preserve its natural beauty  and also the cultural heritage.

As a result, you can indulge yourself with the luxury resort services in this tranquil place with a wide range of activities and unique experiences for both children and adults.