System of government: monarchy
Administrative division: 5 regions (mintaqah), 3 governorates (muhafazah)
Area: 212,460 km2
Population: 3,311,640 (2008)
Capital: Muscat (350,000 inhabitants)
Other important cities: Salalah, Nizwa
Highest point: Jabal ash-Sham, 3,035 m
Official language: Arabic
Currency: Omani rial (1 rial = 1,000 baiza)
Neighbors: United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Saudi Arabia
Public holiday: 18 November (Sultan’s birthday)
Racial and ethnic groups: Arab (88%), Baluchi (3%), Persian (3%), Indian, Pakistani (3%), other (3%)
Religion: Islam (85% out of which Ibadites form 66% and Sunnites 34%), Hinduism (13%), other (2%)
Time zone: Slovakia +2
International Vehicle Registration: OM
Internet TLD: .om
Calling code: +968
Electricity: 220/240 V
Travel documents and visa: passport and visa
Territorially appropriate embassy: Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Egypt:
Embassy of the Slovak Republic
3, Adel Hussein Rostom Str., Cairo 11794, Egypt
Phone: +20-2/ 3358240, 3357544, 3376901
Consular and diplomatic assistance to citizens of SR and EU: +20-122171845
Fax: +20-2 / 3355810
Rough romance in the desert


The authenticity of the original culture, Islamic architecture, fine sandy beaches, exotic desert covering most of the area and Dubai close at hand make Oman an exceptional place, which will guarantee you freedom from everyday life problems.

Oman shores are washed by the Arabian Sea and serene waters of the Gulf of Oman. In the north the massive Oman mountain range, the highest mountain range in the Eastern half of the Arabian Peninsula, stretches along a romantic coastline untouched by a human hand.

Up to the end of 1960s the country was socially and economically underdeveloped and isolated from the outside world. Today Oman mainly lives off the oil and natural gas production; thanks to its location it is also a significant maritime transport junction. Its maritime location is ideal for water sports, particularly scuba diving.

The most suitable time for a visit in Oman is between September and April. Weather is too hot from May to August and between June and September light monsoon rain can appear. Whichever time of the year you come, light clothes with a few pieces of waterproofs will do. These will guarantee dry comfort even in the rainy season.