System of government: republic
Administrative division: 19 atolls
Area: 298 km²
Population: 379,174 (2008)
Capital: Male (63,000 inhabitants)
Other important cities: Hithadhoo, Fuvammulah
Highest point: 24 m
Official language: Maldivian (divehi)
Currency: rufiyaa (1 rufiyaa = 100 laari)
Public holiday: 26 July (Independence Day)
Racial and ethnic groups: Dhivehis – a blend of people of Sinhalese, Arab and Malay origin (100%)
Religion: Islam (Sunnites 99.9%), other (0.1%)
Time zone: Slovakia +3
International Vehicle Registration: MV
Internet TLD: .mv
Calling code: +960
Electricity: 230 V
Travel documents and visa: passport

A place where the sky-blue comes from


This paradise consists of more than a thousand of coral islands and islets in the Indian Ocean. Maldives will try to win favor with you not only by offering you top-quality service, by having friendly locals, but also by showing you virgin nature with crystalline lagoons and varied flora.

When you look up in the sky here, it will occur to you whether the sky-blue color wasn’t invented here – the sky accentuates the azure sea which invites you to do any kind of water sports you wish. Scuba-diving lovers will enjoy plentiful undersea life full of colorful corals, loads of fish, crabs and turtles.
If you succumb to the temptations of local cuisine, get ready for a spicy experience: culinary specialties have strong Indian features here.

Maldives have tropical climate affected by monsoon winds. Average daily temperature is about 27 degrees throughout the year; the warmest period of the year is in April and May. In May humid monsoon season, which brings rain and winds, starts and it lasts until October. Sea is very warm throughout the year and its temperature ranges between the pleasant 27 and 28 degrees.